I'm trying this again and keeping it slightly more anonymous.
Obviously, there are people that follow this blog that know me personally but I don't want any more people that know me in person to find this.
I do have a main blog and a photography blog, I'll give you the links if you're off anon
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I’m going to start taking this dieting serious. Instead of counting just calories, I’m going to start eating vegan things to make sure I am getting more veg/nuts/beans in my diet because I am quite fussy. I’m going to start portioning properly instead of just heaping it on and having eyes bigger than my belly. I’m going to take in consideration the amount of fat and sugars are in everything. No more emotional/binge eating.

I need to change how I look because I feel and look disgusting. I am getting more and more anxious and paranoid about what people think.

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Happy Fathers Day for all the dads that stuck around for their kids, all the dads that had to take on the roll of mam too because they fucked off, all the mams that had to take on the roll of dad because they didn’t stick around, and all of the brothers, uncles, and grandads that took on that roll.

My dad isn’t a good dad, he’s a shit person and doesn’t deserve to have a day where he is appreciated.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads that actually give a fuck and all the people who has taken on that roll whether that had to or wanted to, people like you are the people that deserve a day where you are appreciated.

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I need to stop having dreams about you

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There is one person.

Only one person to blame for all of this, Because of you I have turned out the way I have.

Everything I do in my life is difficult because of you.

I have never hated a human so much, You have ruined me and what I could have been.

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These dreams are becoming too real

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The next few weeks are going to be hell.
I don’t want tomorrow to come.
I want everything like it was last year.

Drifting into a emptiness again and it’s going to get worse.

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“Do old scars ever stop hurting?”

Stephen King, The Shining (via dstroyeed)

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Feeling a bit doubtful/anxious/paranoid?

I have sudden thoughts about what’s going to happen if/when you leave, all the pain I’m going to have.

I don’t know why but when you’re not here I feel so empty, I think things I don’t want to. I hate not having you around even if it’s for a day.

It’s scary how dependant I’ve become on you. You are my everything, you’re what makes me feel safe and secure.

I love you

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This weekend has been shit, it was too much like before.

Too many memories

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It feels like you just don’t care.

You don’t seem bothered when I haven’t talked to you, you don’t care when I’m upset or annoyed, nothing. You just carry on as normal.

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